Meridian Hill EP

by Nillo & Flashman Irving

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released August 23, 2011

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Jimi Hencken and Matt Gornick
Backup vocals by Marie Hsiao and Sabeel Azam
Trumpet by John Hencken
Mastered by Oresti Tsonopoulos
Artwork by Carol Jinier



all rights reserved


Nillo & Flashman Irving Washington, D.C.

"There is nothing that you can't do, and nothing that you can't do better."


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Track Name: Strange Groves
At once I heard your voice
A summoning, a sudden fall from grace
Only I didn’t know that I was there

You approached me in the park
I was putting out a cigarette
I left you in our bed when you fell asleep on me

My love, my love I sleep for days
Just to feel awake for five hours on Saturday
Then we both fall back asleep

Some days I thought I would marry you
But we sleep in strange groves under different trees
And I’d rather be alone
Track Name: Cicadas
Don’t mistake my guise
I wear it all the time
Listen to my eyes
My words are nothing to be looked at

Someone catches you off guard across the street
I wish you let your guard down more

Celebrate the days you walk alone at night
Even though the 42 bus isn’t on time
Someone catches you off guard across the street
I wish you let your guard down more

Summer nights, stepping over cicadas
Stepping backward
Sipping on a sweet sangria
Talking about shitty jobs we had

Talking about your life
It doesn’t seem so bad
I wish that I’d done more
Than think about things that I don’t have

Someone catches you off guard across the street
I wish I caught you years ago
Track Name: Stay Outside
You came on strong
Like a season song
Your trees were ripe
They fit right
I feel it outside
You came in late and you sat alone
Day turned to night
Like the switch of a light
There’s dancing flies outside
See you can feel it, too
If you choose you
If you stay outside
Track Name: Meridian Hill Park
Look how you walk away
With somebody watching you
Who could help from talking
Who would have been lucky to

You probably couldn’t help it
But I told you to stop

I don’t go home later
I just keep on walking until
I’m tired of walking
And thinking of what to tell you

You probably could have helped it
And I told you to stop
Track Name: Time It Stayed
My love wore life down
Into a trench and without
Try to keep it untamed
I won’t call it by its name

I do not remember which door it went out
When it sloshed all around the rain
No, I do not remember the time it went out
But I remember the time that it stayed

The time that it stayed

My love sings with spring
I’ll lose it all again
Track Name: May You Always
Don’t take me away from that life
I promise till I die
That you’ll always be loved
I’m calling over the distance
I’ll make trips every while
So you don’t know I’m not there

Just stay real with me
And I won’t leave

No picture is worth 1,000 words
If you say everything right
And you do

May you always be loved