Red Thumb Light EP

by Nillo & Flashman Irving

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Recorded in June 2009


released February 7, 2012

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Jimi Hencken and Matt Gornick
Additional mixing and mastering by Matt Cangialosi
Artwork by Carol Jinier



all rights reserved


Nillo & Flashman Irving Washington, D.C.

"There is nothing that you can't do, and nothing that you can't do better."


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Track Name: Running Thrushes
With the daylight lost
No afterglows followed us
Chasmal light, running brush
Thrushes in the fields

This strident bird
Left arm caught in bramble
Captor quelled vibrant song
Stopped, surrendered

If all was an anteroom
An aviary unheard
Who's in the next room?
Whose house is vetting you?
Track Name: Daughters of the Sea
Daughters of the sea
Is it over now?
If this nightcap is slow
I'll win my way out of the house

Cauterized she thinks things over
How can she like without love?
Stay widowed to a vow?

Tied up on the pier
Your tresses curl
And the wind catches us
Like vagrants on murderers' row

(Rows) that we had not seen
Take all of our clout
Keep our sparring on shore
And rosaries strewn 'round the house

Adolescence seems a vagary clouded
Of nights that, stillborn, are worn in a day
Growing old, I get out of sorts
Settle for naught, end up right in the fold
A red sail and tide haunting me

In your likeness I know
The ridge isn't quiet as cold
Fortuneteller's son, little crescendoing life
That I know, a roan carriers my brother down
Track Name: Misery Day Parade
Daytripper walks in place along Second Avenue
Call girls that warrant grace
Not their garish faces

When you were out of school
I brought out a tablecloth
Tall boys and choir girls looking on outside

Solace is like a clock
Rusting in an aperture
Haste, shadows come our way
Shadows come our way

Save it's a commonplace
But will I feel this way again?

Maybe I don't know what love is
Do I call you in distress?
Honey I don't know what heartbreak is
Do I call you in distress?
Track Name: How Would Jesus Drive?
God is in my life
And damn it feels good
Track Name: Gon' See the King
I can't stay in all day
My friends are broke, I turn them all away
Couldn't even decide
If it'd be worse to make the lonely ride

Ride out to Burger King
Maybe I'll get out tomorrow
But I'm sensing a cloud or a midday shower

Then it goes away
And my heart's an open door
I hate when it is, that's not what it's there for

Hey, you've got your life to save
But in the summer rain
You can try to feel alive

You can go out of your mind